To avoid any confusion, please note that the closing dates shown below are the last days that cargo can be received for shipping for that particular voyage, not the last date for receiving orders, which should be placed at least seven days prior. Please also note that, due to operational decisions made by the shipping lines, cargo is not always guaranteed to sail on the voyage published.

Updated 23/12/2016



Voyage Closing Date Arrival Date Vessel


Voyage Closing Date Arrival Date Vessel
SAAS V38309/03/201828/04/2018MV SCOUT
SAAS V38506/04/201826/05/2018MV SCOUT
SAAS V38711/05/201830/06/2018MV SCOUT
V38908/06/201828/07/2018MV SCOUT
V39106/07/201825/08/2018MV SCOUT
V39310/08/201829/09/2018MV SCOUT

St Helena

Voyage Closing Date Arrival Date Vessel
V0302/03/201827/04/2018MV HELENA
V0430/03/201823/05/2018MV HELENA
V0527/04/201820/06/2018MV HELENA
V0601/06/201824/07/2018MV HELENA
V0729/06/201818/08/2018MV HELENA
V0827/07/201821/09/2018MV HELENA

Tristan da Cunha

Voyage Closing Date Arrival Date Vessel
V17409/03/201822/05/2018MFV EDINBURGH
V17516/04/201829/06/2018MFV EDINBURGH