St Helena Chartered Flight – Delayed Cargo

Posted on 18/09/2020

We have been advised by the airline that 21 of our consolidated airfreight boxes were not loaded onto the aircraft as they were over capacity and could not physically load anymore on the plane.
RJI were only advised of this once the plane had been loaded and had no control over which cargo took priority. Numerous boxes of PPE, vehicle spares and general merchandise have now been pushed back to the following chartered flight in October.
We are very sorry for inconvenience caused by these delays and we are very frustrated by this situation that is completely out of our control.
We are in talks with all parties involved with the chartered flight to work out the best solution moving forward and to make sure we are advised of maximum volume restrictions on future flights.
We strongly advise that anyone sending Christmas presents and goods out to St Helena aim for the upcoming V35 shipment and not rely on the chartered flights as it is very likely that all upcoming flights will be over capacity.