The shipment of Hazardous or Dangerous goods is governed by the IMDG Code or International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. It is an offence to ship Hazardous or Dangerous goods without notifying the shipping line that you are doing so, as such it is RJI’s responsibility to ensure that any containers or individual consignments we send are classified accordingly. RJI therefore needs to be aware if any goods presented for shipment, either by air or sea, contain any quantity of hazardous or dangerous goods. Please note that it is the consignee’s (senders) responsibility to highlight such goods in consignments sent to RJI for onward shipment and failure to do so could result in prosecution.

The shipment of dangerous goods by sea is regulated in order to prevent injury to persons or damage to ships and their cargos. Shipment of marine pollutants is primarily regulated to prevent harm to the marine environment.

Hazardous goods include but are not limited to the following:

Paint, Thinners, Adhesives, Aerosols, Oils, Batteries, Lighters, Lighter Fuel, Acids, Explosives, Ammunition, Bombs, Detonators, Fireworks, Distress Flares, Compressed Air Cylinders, Butane Gas, Lithium Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries. Further information regarding hazardous goods can be found at the above IMDG link.

Please note we are unable to ship any goods which are class 4 – this is mainly flammable solids such as matches and fire lighters.

We are seeing a significant increase in the information required by shipping lines for hazardous cargo and the number of checks performed before they will accept any hazardous bookings. We are also experiencing an increase in the number of hazardous materials arriving at our warehouse without sufficient documentation to process.

Richard James International cannot accept hazardous goods without an MSDS / SDS (Safety data sheet), for the product which can be provided by the supplier. This includes everything from perfumes, aerosols, batteries, paint, and any chemical considered hazardous.

We also require larger and mixed consignments of hazardous cargo to be provided with a dangerous goods note (DGN) from the supplier. Any supplier of chemicals etc. will be able to provide a DGN which will speed up the process for us booking with the shipping line.

Certain classes of hazardous cargo cannot be loaded together and there may be significant delays in the shipping of hazardous cargo as we work through the different classes. We have seen hazardous goods miss several shipments as it is not compatible with our regular cargo or other hazardous materials.
There are also instances where we have been unable to ship hazardous cargo due to the strong fumes given off which would contaminate other cargo.

Hazardous cargo does not follow the same procedures as non-hazardous cargo and all DGN’s and MSDS’s need to be with the shipping line weeks in advance of closing so they can be approved. Please take note of this as our closing dates do not apply to hazardous cargo and we cannot guarantee a voyage for shipment.



We are seeing an increase in the number of chemicals / paints etc. coming in from China and other countries with absolutely no markings on the inner or outer packaging. We will NOT ship any hazardous liquids or chemicals arriving with us that cannot be clearly identified with manufacturing packaging and an MSDS.

We cannot ship any fuels or fire lighters, matches etc.



Please note that goods received by RJI for freight forwarding are not insured. It is the consignor’s (the sender’s) responsibility to ensure that adequate insurance cover is obtained; RJI would be pleased to quote for such cover if required. For further information see Insurance.


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