The following Eleven Golden Rules should be adhered to when shipping personal effects through Richard James International Ltd (RJI) to aid a seamless shipment;

  1. A fully completed Personal Effects Declaration of the consignment, along with the replacement values for UK customs purposes, must be supplied at the time of collection/shipment. Any tobacco or alcohol must also be declared.
  1. All boxes/packages/individual items must be numbered.
  2. Individual items/boxes should ideally be no heavier than 25 kilos. In other words, if you can’t easily lift any item, on your own, neither can we!
  3. Any boxes or items over 25 kilos should be clearly marked ‘Heavy Two Man Lift’.
  4. Appliances must be drained of water where applicable, the doors taped and the appliance suitably wrapped to withstand the rigours of a sea voyage.
  5. Any valuable items, family heirlooms or the like must be professionally packed and brought to RJI’s attention before collection/shipment.
  6. Any fragile items such as glassware, china or the like must be professionally packed and brought to RJI’s attention before collection/shipment.
  7. To comply with the various island’s Biosecurity Regulations all personal effects must be free from mud, soil and organic material such as plant matter and seeds.
  8. In the case of RJI collections, the sender or a nominated representative is required to be present when the consignment is collected, in order to tally and reconcile with the RJI driver, the number of items/boxes to be shipped.
  9. Please consider carefully your situation as regards insurance – see Insurance Note below.
  10. Finally, just to reiterate, no consignments can be shipped without a completed and signed Personal Effects Declaration Form.

Insurance Note

In order to avoid any misunderstanding at a later date, it should be noted from the outset that unless insurance cover is taken out with Richard James International (RJI) at the time of booking the personal effects collection/shipment, or you have arranged suitable cover elsewhere, your consignment will not be insured and will be shipped entirely at your own risk. RJI will be pleased to quote for cover should it be required, upon receipt of a full manifest with approximate valuations.