Shipping dates

Falkland Islands

Voyage Closing date Arrival date Vessel
V515 25/08/2023 23/10/2023 MV SCOUT
V517 22/09/2023 20/11/2023 MV SCOUT
V519 20/10/2023 17/12/2023 MV SCOUT
V521 01/12/2023 27/01/2024 MV SCOUT
V523 18/12/2023 29/02/2024 MV SCOUT
V525 26/01/2024 23/03/2024 MV SCOUT
V527 21/02/2024 28/04/2024 MV SCOUT
V529 27/03/2024 25/05/2024 MV SCOUT
V531 24/04/2024 23/06/2024 MV SCOUT


RJI offer a monthly consolidated container service to the Falkland Islands using both the MOD and SAAS service. Both have a transit time of approximately 36 days from the containers and vehicles leaving our warehouse in Bristol to arrival at our warehouse in Stanley. RJI offer an air freight service to the Falklands and also use the postal service.

Transit time

Approx. 36 Days


RJI Warehouse (Bristol) - Marchwood / Gateway Port - Montevideo (Uruguay) or Direct - Falkland Islands


  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Freight Consolidation
    (including UK collection service)
  • Shipping & Freight Forwarding
    (LCL & FCL)
  • Import & Export Solutions
    (including Customs Documentation, etc.)
  • Air Courier Service

To arrange collection please visit our Collection Service Page or if you require further information regarding our service please phone +44 (0) 117 9828575 or send an e-mail to [email protected] & [email protected].


Please note that goods received by RJI for freight forwarding are not insured. It is the consignor’s (the sender’s) responsibility to ensure that adequate insurance cover is obtained; RJI would be pleased to quote for such cover if required. For more information see Insurance.

Hazardous Cargo

must be brought to our attention if any consignment or part of a consignment shipped through RJI might be considered dangerous or hazardous, failure to do so could lead to prosecution. For more information see Hazardous Cargo.

To ship your items, you need to fill in the personal Effects Declaration. Once you’ve finished filling in the form, you may send it to us and bring your goods to RJI Warehouse. You also may to print the form below and bring it to us if that’s easier for you. if you’d prefer to talk to us you may phone us at +44 (0)117 9828575 or +44 (0)117 9382349.

Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.