St Helena V48 Container Delay –

Posted on 07/01/2022

We have been advised that 6 of our containers have been left in Durban and will miss V48. These containers will now not arrive on St Helena until V49 (ETA 10/02/22).
We are extremely disappointed with this news and apologise for the inconvenience this will cause our customers.
Below is the information that we have received from the shipping line –
AW Ship Management were advised yesterday by MSC that some of the containers arriving into Cape Town for voyage 48 have been left in Durban, currently they are unable to advise a date that these will now arrive in Cape Town. Due to the time since the MV Helena’s last provision call to St Helena we will load the containers that have arrived in time and the remainder will sail on voyage 49.
We will send an email to the shippers shortly following this announcement to advise the units affected.
The MV Helena’s departure date from Cape Town is currently set to the 10th January but may delay this until the 11th or 12th January to ensure all cargo that can be loaded is.
Our original schedule allowed for 7 weeks for these containers to get to Cape Town and they should have arrived prior to the seasonal period. AWSML apologises for this inconvenience this will cause many of the shippers and their customers